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Preamble to the Petition Calling for the Indictment of Mao Yushi and Xin Ziling

The following is an excerpt from a petition circulating on the Chinese web indicting Mao Yushi, a prominent neo-liberal economist, for defaming Mao Zedong and subverting state power. Mao Yushi has written polemics against Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party casting aspersions on both. There is a movement on the Chinese web to press charges against Mao Yushe and defend the PRC from those who wish to see a western supported political system imposed on the Chinese people. 

Petition to the Gansu People's Prosecutor to Press Charges against Xin ZiLing Mao Yushi
*This petition is circulating in other Chinese provinces as well

Chairman Mao Zedong was the founding leader of the People's Republic of China, he was the leading core of the first generation of the Communist Party of China, the beloved leader of all the working people of each and every Chinese nationality and an unprecedented national hero, he was also and still is the respected great revolutionary teacher of the world's oppressed peoples.
Chairman Mao Zedong as leader of the Communist Party of China led the Chinese people of all nationalities through arduous struggle to ultimately defeat the enemy at home and abroad, overthrow the three great mountains oppressing the Chinese people, establish the People's Republic, and cause our nation, which in recent history had been aggressively invaded by the west, oppressed and humiliated, to tower over the East and begin a peace-building, great national rejuvenation process.
After the founding of new China, the old and new imperialists were not reconciled to fail, they have never given up on aggression, and attempts to enslave the Chinese people. It was Chairman Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of the Chinese People's Liberation Army closely relying on the strength of the people who again and again defeated the imperialist and hegemonic aggression, sabotage and armed provocations, to defend national independence and national dignity, to defend the domestic peace and construction. He also created a new Chinese people unafraid to defy threat and violence, despising the powerful, having the courage to struggle against imperialism, with the staunch quality of national determination to fight until victory, serving as a bright beacon for the oppressed and victimized people of the world. Mao Zedong Thought has thus become a sharp weapon of the world's oppressed nations fighting for national independence and liberation.
Under the leadership of Chairman Mao, Chinese Communists led the Chinese people in establishing a brand new socialist system without exploitation or oppression. Under socialism the laboring masses stood up and liberated themselves and in a burst of intense passion reconstructed the country. Under the leadership of Chairman Mao, the Chinese Communists and all nationalities breathing one breath, sharing the same fate, bearing all hardships, advanced, leaving pleasure behind, leading the Chinese people united in one mind, battling heaven and earth, within the short span of 27 years, astonishingly accomplished reconstruction. China from a country that did not produce its own oil, cement, iron nails or matches but needed to import them from overseas, developed into a country that has a complete industrial system with its own atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, rockets, satellites, aircraft, ships, trains, automotive, nuclear submarines, computers and all the world's most advanced technology products, and in some areas one of the world's leading countries. This developmental pace is extremely rarely seen in all of human history!
Although during Chairman Mao Zedong's lifetime people's material living conditions were not rich and prosperous, people's living standards had already increased significantly and progressively improved. While the people of that time were not rich and self-satisfied they were at peace and harmonious. There was no exploitation, there was no oppression, no desperate need for making a living, everyone could afford the cost of housing, medical care and schooling and avoid suffering torment. Everything needs to go through a process of accumulation and development, and this truth applies to improving people's living standard. We can search our souls and ask, if there hadn't been the era of Mao Zedong in which the Chinese people were united as one, engaged in arduous struggle to build up the country through thrift and hard work, during which industry, agriculture, national defense, science and a technological base were formed, how could there be future generations of peace, tranquility and prosperity?
The Chinese people during Mao's time were vigorous and magnificent! The Chinese Communists led by Chairman Mao made great contributions to the Chinese people in every possible way! With Chairman Mao Zedong as the representative of that generation of Communists of noble character and unquestionable integrity shining like the sun and moon!
Even though some policy mistakes during the process of reform and opening up were made that seriously violated the interests of the broad, laboring masses and seriously hurt the laboring masses feelings, nevertheless the majority of working people still support the Communist Party's leadership, are willing to defend the democratic government of the People's Republic of China, and are willing to fight all attempts to overthrow the Communist Party's leadership, and the socialist system. The underlying reasons are; first, the people support socialism; second, the profound affection held by the people for the first generation of Communists represented by Chairman Mao, the supreme confidence held by the people in the ability of Mao Zedong Thought to nurture the new generation of Communists, the belief that the Communist Party created by Chairman Mao has the ability to correct itself, and that even though there has been a short deviation it will eventually return to the correct road of Mao Zedong Thought. The glorious achievements of the first generation of Communists led by Chairman Mao are the political basis for the legitimacy and legality of the Chinese Communist Party holding political power.
Enemies at home and abroad are very well aware of this, therefore, thirty years after Chairman Mao Zedong's death, domestic and foreign enemies have never stopped their vilification of, and vicious slanders and attacks against Chairman Mao Zedong. They fabricated countless lies to smear Chairman Mao, to vilify the CCP and defame the history of New China. Their basic aim is to negate the legitimacy and legality of the CCP's hold on power, with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the leadership of the CCP and the socialist system, to domestically restore human exploitation and the old system of oppression while internationally to continue to support the imperialist exploitation of the Chinese people and restore the colonial enslavement of the Chinese people! Mao Yushi, Xin Ziling and their ilk are domestic and international representatives of the vanguard of these anti-Party and anti-socialist forces.
It should be said that these enemies of the people have to some extent been successful, but in the end they are inevitably bound to fail. To say that they have had success is because during the years following Chairman Mao's death they pushed through negations and slanders of Chairman Mao, benumbed the broad laboring people, completed the robbery of the masses of people, created a situation in which the mass of common people could not afford housing, could not get medical care, could not attend school, where a great extent of workers were laid-off, a great extent of peasants were impoverished, a great extent of college students were unemployed, where corruption was rampant, and a large number of women became prostitutes! After pushing through the looting of the broad laboring masses they completed their bloody accumulation of wealth. Now what they want to do is completely overthrow the Communist Party and annihilate the last obstacle on their way to implementing the dictatorship of capital in order to consolidate the results of their robbery. Hostile overseas forces by colluding with domestic Chinese traitors and comprador forces have had some success in influencing the government, the economy, the culture and the military. Having relentlessly demonized Mao Zedong and the Cultural Revolution, politically they have successfully isolated and libeled China and the Chinese government; economically they have achieved a certain degree of colonial control of China's economy; in culture, they have successfully trained a large number of cultural traitors, and gradually whittled away at new China's national pride and national honor; militarily they have also achieved surrounding China, constantly showing off their military strength around China's borders, creating trouble, and continuing to support China's national separatist forces in an attempt to dismember China. The ultimate goal of the Western imperialist forces is to maintain the rule of international monopoly capital, and to realize their dream of the permanent colonization of China. That they ultimately will be bound to fail, is due to the fact that the Chinese people have started to awaken. People are already fully aware that domestic reactionary forces under the banner of "universal values" are looting the people, selling out the country and restoring the shady system of exploitation. They realize that U.S. led imperialism has hoisted the banner of freedom and democracy in order to criminally invade other nations and enslave their people. People also realize that the difficulties that they have met and the predicament and humiliations that the country has been in and borne over these years are all the result of having discarded Mao Zedong Thought. At present, across the great land of China a flourishing red tidal wave has arisen. This is not only in memory of Chairman Mao, but is a powerful declaration of support by the broad masses of laboring people for persevering in Mao Zedong Thought and adhering to the socialist road!
The day the people thoroughly awaken is the day when both domestic and foreign reactionary forces will be completely vanquished! Because of this those domestic and foreign reactionaries who want to subvert the people's democratic political power and overthrow the socialist system are full of dread, and are engaged in their final death bed struggle.

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